Legal Department

The Challenge

Few could have foreseen the sheer amount of corporate data stored on backup tapes that may affect e-Discovery in ways not anticipated, and the penalties are steep for those who fail to respond to litigation events in time. How do you ensure that all responsive data is disclosed on time and in a legally defensible manner?

The Solution

Recognized as the leading subject matter experts in this area, TDS combines technical expertise with engineering skills to scale our capabilities for large volume restoration projects - so you can be sure with an efficient and timely response, relieving the pressure points that can exist between internal stakeholders.

Complex and time consuming backup tape restoration projects often present a pressure point between Legal, I.T. and Compliance teams.

  • Legal teams, faced with the need to respond quickly and accurately to frequent e-Discovery requests often rely on the ability of their I.T. teams to  identify and restore data.

  • Due to various reasons such as organizations failing to adhere to their data retention policies, the advent of 'legal hold', or simply the fact that backup tapes were never designed as a searchable archive, in-house data retrieval can be costly, inefficient, inaccurate and highly risky.

  • In addition, legal teams are often stuck when asked to produce budgets at an early stage because of the lack of intelligent and reliable means to accurately assess likely costs for the searching, retrieval and review of targeted, potentially responsive data.

TDS employs vetted, defensible and cost effective processes to restore data from a wide range of file types stored on virtually any tape format.

Simply put, when the e-Discovery event involves backup tape we provide the capability to respond in an efficient and timely manner and relieve the pressure points that can exist between internal stakeholders.

Tape Restoration Services

TDS Tape Restoration Services provide secure and compliant access to data from every backup/tape format, enabling you to avoid extended restorations or searches that can, when subject to litigation, result in steep fines, greater legal scrutiny and reputational damage.

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Restoration Assurance Program

Make your legal costs predictable! TDS’s Restoration Assurance Program as a subscription service delivers budgetary costs per event, in a timely manner, against pre-defined turnaround times.

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Email Migration Service

Let TDS help you maintain all your organization's emails in one place for simpler discovery. In case of merger or acquisitions, it is often overlooked to have all emails put together in one place untill a legal requirement arises. Contact us to learn about a managable and predictable pricing structure for your email migration and extraction needs.

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Voice Logging Service

With the increasing focus of audits and legal investigations in voice recordings, voice-based data is the latest challenge facing the modern legal organization.

TDS voice-recovery solutions are provided by engineers with deep experience in voice-logger media processing, long before regulators broadened the definition of discoverable electronic evidence to include voice-related data.

See how our unique tools allow us to produce targeted voice recordings on a large scale directly into legal processes for corporations of all sizes around the world.

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