Restoration Assurance Programme

A new way to solve and old problem

The Challenge

Changing backup software?

Moving your backups to disk or the cloud?

Consolidating data centres?

Making or made an acquisition?

The Solution

Real Assurance and Peace of Mind

At TDS, we work with our clients to assure them that their data is secured and accessible. Restoration Assurance is a subscription-based service that provides the peace of mind that backup tapes can be restored in the future without the challenges of maintaining legacy hardware and software.

Whether you are looking to move to disk or the cloud, consolidate data centres, you can retire your legacy backup tape environment with the assurance that your legacy backup tapes can be properly, cost effectively and defensibly restored with TDS's flagship Restoration Assurance Programme.

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Programme Features

Guaranteed restoration capability of managed media (future proofing)

Fully managed Knowledge Base including backup catalos/indexes/all targeting information available

Fully defensible restoration process

SLA on restoration and delivery of requested data

Dedicated project management

Pre-established workflow for request process

Documented reports and project history

Turns retrieval processes into a repeatable process

Data Restoration By the Data Protection Experts

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  • The benefits of the TDS Restoration Assurance Programme
  • Why IT and legal/compliance need RAP
  • How the RAP programme works

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