Email Archive Migration

Every company's email data is unique.

Migrate your email archives from any source to any destination securely and defensibly.


Email archive migrations are complex and rife with risks. No matter how your archive system is configured, it is not uncommon to come across corrupt data during a migration.


Being a leader in the migration space since industry inception, TDS is equipped with a wealth of adaptable technical knowledge, allowing us to resolve issues quickly during a migration.


We understand how complex archive migrations can be, and we know one of your largest concerns is achieving successful, defensible results. By partnering with TDS, you can eliminate the risk - and worry - that comes from managing your own email archive migration. 

TDS can help tackle any email archive migration scenario:

  • Legacy Email Archive Data Migration

    Map, extract, and move your most valuable email archive data without disruption.

  • Email Archive Consolidation

    Eliminate duplication and streamline your email archive to reduce costs.

  • Centralized Compliance Records Management

    Mitigate risk and meet compliance standards by unifying critical records.

Prepare and migrate your email archive to platforms such as:



Our email archive migration services begin with
understanding our customers' challenges

to provide the best solutions and most accurate pricing for their unique needs.






TDS Service Options

Choose how involved you need us to be during your migration project.

Fully Managed Service by TDS

For all your migrations from various standard and nonstandard platforms, or IT teams with saturated workload, outsource the migration to TDS.

Evolve Software Licensing

For sophisticated migration teams who would like to perform their own migration, Akaibu (part of TDS family of companies) offers a software solution.

Evolve Assist

Customers have full control of the Akaibu Evolve migration software, plus assistance from TDS’s migration experts.

Partner Program

For resellers or firms with repeated migration inquiries, TDS offers volume discount with our Partner Align Program.

The TDS Difference

  • Consultative Approach: From initial scoping call to migration completion, our focus is on understading our customers' needs and providing the best solution.
  • Flexibility: We offer highly customizable solutions and various service levels to meet our customer's requirments.
  • Experience & Innovation: We have years of experience working with email archive platforms dating back to the inception of the archive industry.
  • Ecosystem: Bundle with TDS tape services to complete a move-away.
  • Ethics & Integrity: Experience has taught us that each archive software has its weak spots. A 100% accuracy guarantee is as good a promise as "2PB migration can be done by tomorrow."
  • Reliability: With Chain of Custody ensured at every step of the migration process, source archive data is never altered or deleted.