• Backup Tape Services

    Restoration - TDS can restore your data from any commercially supplied backup software, any version, from the past 30 years. TDS has also reverse engineered several proprietary backup systems as well.

    Identification - TDS can mount and catalogue, to any level of detail, your legacy backup tapes for identification/compliance purposes.

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  • Email Archive Migration

    Initial Build - TDS can extract your emails from any tape backups or other repositories and prepare the email for ingestion to the archive of your choice.

    Migration - TDS will convert your email from any commercially available archive to any new commercially available archive (either “in house” or “cloud” based). TDS has also reverse engineered several proprietary archive systems.

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  • Voice Logger Retrieval

    Compliance requirements in regulated markets have dramatically increased and continue to do so.

    Consequently many organisations are under record levels of investigation and need to ensure they are able to react fully, accurately and speedily to Legal or Compliance requirements.

    TDS delivers legacy voice data, often at scale, into Compliance or e-Discovery processes for large corporations around the world.

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  • Restoration Assurance Programme

    Whether you are looking to move to disk or the cloud, consolidate data centers, Restoration Assurance Programme provides you the assurance that your legacy backup tapes can be properly, cost effectively and defensibly restored.

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