About Trusted Data Solutions

Empowering Effective Data Management

Empowering Effective

Data Management

About Trusted Data Solutions

Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) is the leading provider of backup tape restoration, strategic tape discovery, email archive migration, and audio tape retrieval services. With a growing global presence that includes processing facilities in New York, Los Angeles, London, England and Cardiff, Wales, TDS is the trusted partner of corporations, consultancies, electronic disclosure providers and law firms that are looking to leverage our innovative solutions around the world.

The TDS “experience” is consultative, advisory, experienced, and based in data/tape engineering. We work with complex data challenges, and resolve them expertly and responsibly. With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. We strive to exceed client expectations while earning confidence and trust.

Our solutions support eDiscovery, compliance and risk management initiatives, and other data-related challenges. And our proven project management methodologies and reporting capabilities ensure that projects run efficiently, on time, and on budget.


What Matters to Us

Customer Focus | We listen carefully to our customers so that we understand what’s most important.

Accountability | We take our commitments as seriously as our customers do.

Innovation | We constantly refine and improve our solutions; ever adapting to our customers' changing needs.

Ethics and Integrity | We live up to our commitments and believe in building trust.

Our Services

  • Backup Tape Services
  • Email Archive Migration
  • Voice Logger Retrieval

Our Family of Companies

TDS adds industry leaders to its product portfolio in the United States and Europe.

Trusted Data Solutions, LLC.

The company is co-headquartered in New York City and Cardiff, Wales, with facilities in California, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, and continually expanding around the globe.

TDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of TDS Global Holdings which is privately held and is backed by London based Park Vale Capital.

  • Address

    99 Madison Avenue
    Seventh Floor
    New York, NY 10016


    +1 212 679 7600