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Specializing in the identification, restoration, and conversion of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

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Legacy Environment Managed Services

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  • "Iron Mountain has enjoyed a decade long history of partnership with TDS. We see more are more a need for restoration services as technology rapid evolves and business conditions with legal compliance have intensified. We believe partnering with TDS allows us to offer a tremendous value proposition in the market to our customers."

    Eileen Sweeney, EVP and GM, Iron Mountain

Restoration Assurance Programme

Being asked to drive cost from your legacy backup environment?  Upgrading you tape backup platform? Moving backups to disk or the cloud?  Consolidating data centres? 

Each of these events used to mean having to spend a lot of money migrating data from old backup tapes and maintaining legacy equipment and licenses. Not anymore. The Restoration Assurance Programme is a Managed Service from TDS that gets you out of the legacy tape management business, while guaranteeing your access to information on those tapes whenever you need it. Less expensive and more compliant than the alternative, RAP allows you to keep moving forward without worrying about the tapes you are leaving behind. 

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