Email Archive Migration

Migration Expertise Matters

The TDS team has performed hundreds of archive migrations.

Comprised of early industry pioneers with more combined hands-on experience than any other group on the planet, TDS understands that migrating your data from an on-premises solution to a cloud-based solution isn’t easy or part of your everyday responsibilities.

The TDS solutions is a managed service offering focused on migrating on-premises archives to cloud-based solutions. Our solution is designed with the ability to migrate virtually any existing archive to one of our many supported partner platforms.

TDS believes that archive migrations are about managed services, not just about software tools. We understand how complex archive migrations can be, and we know one of your largest concerns is achieving successful, defensible results.

The Challenge

Extracting data from archive platforms is not an easy task.

Migrations are complex and rife with risk.

Multiple archive platforms exist with no two alike.

Industry consolidation has led to many archive systems no longer being supported.

The proliferation of email produced continues to grow at a rapid and exponential rate with archive systems storing ever increasing terabyte’s of data.

Archive migration software is limited in the number of platforms it can extract data from.

Finding an archive migration service provider who understands your largest concern is that your valuable data be migrated successfully.

The Solution

TDS offers archive migration managed services that reduce risk and the costs associated with risk producing auditable, reliable, predictable results on time, on budget every time.

We have the expertise, tools, and processes to extract large scale volumes of data from (virtually any OR multiple) source email archive platforms in order for the data to be ingested into a target archive system or internal data repository.

Not limited by a singular software tool, TDS has employed adaptable technical solutions in order to perform hundreds of successful migrations.

With a team comprised of early industry pioneers with more combined hands-on experience than any other group in the world, archive migrations are performed by specialists with deep rooted experience in the archive migration space.


Hundreds of Successful Migrations

Unmatched experience and results.

The ONLY Services Solution

Don’t pay license and maintenance fees for a product you’ll never use again.

Complete Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody maintained with report delivered upon project completion.

Trusted Partner of Archive Providers

Migrations to all of the leading e-mail archive providers supported.

Results Matter

Our expert team plus our tools and processes produces auditable, reliable, predictable results, on time, on budget, every time.